One of main goals of PICompS is to empower non-traditional scholars in computing. We believe that being a good researcher does not necessarily mean being employed as a tenured professor at Harvard and talents come from a wide variety of backgrounds.

You are welcome to present the title and identification as a scholarly affiliation, as a society/club membership, or as a volunteering/service activity – whichever option feels appropriate.

PICompS offers webinars, executive coaching sessions, access to scientific literature and software, and an opportunity to collaborate with other affiliates. We also will help you building own research team, publishing your results in well-respected journals, etc. Traditional academic professors can use PICompS activities to fulfill “service to profession” tenure requirement.

No! Affiliation with PICompS is free for everyone. Donations are much appreciated, but are not expected.

Yes! We aim to foster a culture of inclusion, so we will do our best to accommodate early-career researchers. If you are an active researcher or want to conduct research with PICompS,  just ask.

Absolutely. We are committed to be as inclusive and as diverse as possible. Therefore, PICompS does not evaluate applicants based on citizenship, residency, gender, sexual orientation, age, race, ethnicity, marital status, beliefs, disability status, and any other characteristics. PICompS welcomes researchers in computing and that is the only major requirement.

PICompS is an online organization and all the interactions between members take place online. In fact, almost all PICompS affiliates live in different places. There is simply no need to come to any specific location.

In general, the administration endorses research presented to the public by members of the Department Of Modeling And Simulations and the Department of Informatics.

PICompS does not necessarily endorse research presented by members of the Center for Research Affiliates, even when the piece of work is published in association with PICompS.

PICompS does not offer paid positions, we rather offer an opportunity to connect and collaborate with like-minded individuals. Affiliation with us should be treated as a free membership or as a courtesy appointment. Many PICompS affiliates have other jobs to support themselves.

Executive team does not have monetary interest in member’s research and will never ask you to work for free on commercial project. We also do not ask you to work on something specific – you may continue working on your own project or deliver a new project with any member of PICompS.

We are 100% volunteer-run and 100% donor-supported. If you are in position to do so, please consider volunteering for us or making donation (learn more).

There is no specific accreditation process for research institutions in the US, as long as they do not award degrees. PICompS is not a school and it does not offer degree programs. We do hold an official business registration though.

Send an e-mail to info@picomps.org and we’ll figure it out!

Send an e-mail to info@picomps.org and we’ll figure it out!