Alexander (Alex) Izvorski
Research affiliate
Center for Research Affiliates
Physical location: CA, USA
  • B.Sc., Mathematics, Biochemistry, Cell and Molecular Biology, Dartmouth College, 1997
Mr. Izvorski has largely worked in industry (medical devices / biomedical research). Currently, he is a Chief Science Officer at Thimble Bioelectronics (since 2014) and Project Scientist in Machine Learning at SocialEyes (since 2015).

Alexander is interested in conducting independent research in biophysics. His research interests include bioelectromagnetics and bioelectromagnetic information processing, nanofabrication, nanotherapeutics and nanoscale materials, mechanisms of aging and life extension. He also is experienced in deep learning, data mining, big data, and automated diagnostics, as well as in development of wearables, sensors and medical devices