Anshuman Chandra
Junior research affiliate
Department of Modeling and Simulations
Physical location: Uttar Pradesh, India
  • Ph.D., Biotechnology, Gautam Buddha University, 2020 (exp)
  • B.Tech + M.Tech, Biotechnology, Gautam Buddha University, 2015
Mr. Anshuman Chandra is a computer aided drug-design (CADD) specialist, skilled in applying both computational techniques (molecular modeling, rigid and flexible molecular docking, virtual screening, molecular dynamics simulations, and protein structure determination) and experimental techniques (molecular cloning, overexpression, protein purification, cell culture, immune histochemistry & Western blotting, bacterial transformation, qRT-PCR, microscopy, RNA and DNA extraction, chromatography, crystallization, enzyme kinetics evaluation). In 2016, he received GATE award by Ministry of human Resource Development of Government of India.