Jay Koby
Research affiliate
Center for Research Affiliates
Physical location: MD, USA
  • M.Sc., Information Security & Assurance, Western Governors University, 2016
  • B.Sc., Accounting, Western Governors University, 2018
  • B.Sc., Information Systems, University of Maryland Baltimore County, 2013
  • A.A., Business, Montgomery College, 2011
Jay Koby is an IT professional with experience in a wide variety of environments, working with a broad spectrum of tools and methodologies. He currently is employed by Splunk as a Senior Professional Services Consultant. His experience includes system administration, application development and refactoring, network device auditing, documentation, and project management. Additionally, he has spent time experimenting with various technologies for personal projects, such as building a cloud-based infrastructure for hosting high-bandwidth, latency-sensitive applications.

Jay joined PICompS to connect with like-minded self-motivated scholars, publish papers and give technical talks beyond his day job. His professional interests span across areas of Cybersecurity, AI, Mobility/Machine Learning, Big Data/Blockchain, Robotics (physical and process), IoT, and Cloud Infrastructure. His GitHub profile could be accessed here .