Dr. Jon F. Wilkins
Physical location: NJ, USA
  • Ph.D., Biophysics, Harvard University, 2002
  • M.Sc., Biochemistry, University of Wisconsin, 1998
  • A.B., Physics, Harvard College, 1993
Dr. Wilkins is a theoretical evolutionary biologist, poet, and Ronin. His current interests span several different topics, including genomic imprinting, coalescent theory, statistical inference, and the origins of robustness and epistasis.

In 2012, Dr. Wilkins founded the Ronin Institute, a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation for scholarly research and communication. His goal is to create a new model for academia, one that exists outside of the university system, by supporting and connecting independent scholars. This new model is more efficient, more humane, and more creative than the traditional model, as it eliminates the burden of bureaucracy that weighs down universities, and the intellectual constraints imposed by the existing departmental and funding structures.
PICompS encourages our members to join Ronin Institute and support Jon's efforts in reinventing academia. You can contact Jon at