Dr. Supratik Kar
Affiliate professor
Department of Informatics
Physical location: MS, USA
  • Postdoctoral training, Cheminformatics, Jackson State University, since 2015
  • Ph.D., Pharmacy, Jadavpur University, 2015
  • M.Pharm., Jadavpur University, 2008
  • B.Pharm., Jadavpur University, 2010
Dr. Kar is an expert with over 11 years of experience in structure-activity relationship and chemometric modeling studies. He researches a range of topics in QSAR studies, dealing with biological activity prediction of natural compounds and organic chemicals, physico-chemical and toxicity prediction of a variety of environmental hazardous chemicals (including nanoparticles), and materials property prediction with a special interest to solar cells.

Dr. Supratik Kar hold a position of Postdoctoral Research Associate in Interdisciplinary Center for Nanotoxicity at Jackson State University (MS, USA). He is a former visiting researcher at the University of Gdańsk (Poland), under Marie-Curie research program.

Dr. Kar serves as an Associate Editor of the International Journal of Quantitative Structure-Property Relationships. He also an Editorial Board member of the Journal of Clinical Medicine, and Current Drug Metabolism. According to Publons, Dr. Kar has already conducted 165 reviews as reviewer and 12 as editor for 46 reputed peer-reviewed journals (as of March 2020).

He has published multiple research articles (including contributions to such journals as Nature Scientific Report, Nano Energy, Nanoscale, Nature Computational Materials, etc.), review articles, and book chapters. Dr. Kar has also coauthored two books entitled “Understanding the Basics of QSAR for Applications in Pharmaceutical Sciences and Risk Assessment” (Elsevier, 2015) and “A Primer on QSAR/QSPR Modeling: Fundamental Concepts” (Springer, 2015). The full list of Dr. Kar's publications could be accessed here and here. His work has been cited more 2660 times in other peer-reviewed journal articles according to Google Scholar (as of March, 2020).
If you want to lean more, please contact Dr. Kar: PICompS email, personal email, ICNanotox email.